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Glute force 3-pack - Better Bodies
Article No. 130419
Very popular Glute Force bands now in a 3 pack. Besides being more affordable than buying the bands separately, you also get the full spectrum from light, to medium, and heavy resistance. The Glute Force bands are perfect for targeting glute training but there are also many other ways of making use of these for a great workout in the gym, at home or even when you travel. The 3 pack comes in a practical mesh bag.

Material: Cotton with rubber for high stretchability
Heavy 75% Cotton, 25% Rubber
Medium - 80% Cotton, 20% Rubber
Light- 85% Cotton, 15% Rubber
Features: 3 resistance levels, activates the glutes and provides an effective workout, comes in a practical mesh bag

Size: 33cm / 13 inch  

Glute Force 3-Pack

SKU: 130419935102
Color: Camo Combo
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