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Westside Iron Training & Therapy Services

& Membership Plan add-ons

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Gym Memberships

Check out the benefits of a membership! A variety of options to fit every lifestyle & every budget! Plus, as a member you get exclusive offers & perks. Go ahead, tap that button below to get yours today!

Physical Therapist

Athletic Therapy

An Athletic Therapist is an essential health care provider, specializing in prevention & rehabilitation from sports injuries as well as all other musculoskeletal injuries & ailments, acute & chronic.

Treatments incorporate the use of assessment tools, modalities, exercise, patient education, home programs and more.

Coverage: WCB & MPI patients are provided full coverage. Most private insurance will cover AT. You must contact your provider to find out the details of your coverage*.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Personal Training

Get the most out of your workout. You are busy, getting to the gym is one thing...but then what? Having a personal trainer effectively strategize a training program catered to your wants and needs will dramatically reduce time spent in the gym and improve your progress quickly!

Check out our PT programs today.

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Small Group Training

Small Group Training is an effective & fun way to build strength! Not only is it motivating to work in a group, it's also great for those looking for the support & guidance of personal training at a fraction of the cost! You and up to three more in your group will reap the benefits of one-on-one support & modifications from your trainer as well as effective strength training results...FAST!

Check out our SGT programs today.

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Bodybuilding Programs

Becoming an elite athlete is no small task. It takes experienced coaching & expertly created programs, along with your dedication, to progress you to the stage. 

Our programs are highly detailed & customized.

From the beginner to the advanced or pro athlete, our programs & coaching will get you a top placing!

All programs include:

  • periodized weight training programming

  • weigh-ins & body composition calculations 

  • optimal sports nutrition 

  • meal & supplement timing 

  • weight-loss strategizing

  • text/phone/email support 

  • stage presentation 

  • skin polishing & show day tanning 

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Protein Products


Sports Nutrition

Supplemental nutrition to support metabolic function is of utmost importance in any athletic programming.

At Westside Iron we hand-pick the most delicious supplement lines with the most concentrated ingredients & lowest amount of fillers to meet the needs of beginners to elite athletes.

Talk with us for the most appropriate recommendations to compliment your athletic journey!

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