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About Westside Irons Founders


The foundation of Melissa’s and Paul’s partnership was created through a shared passion for fitness and weight lifting and mutual respect for safe lifting processes.  

Melissa’s experience managing numerous retail businesses and her education and skills as a Canadian Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) has given her a vision to provide a combination of products and services under one roof. With her exceptional leadership in weight training for over 15 years, clinical sports therapy for over 11 years, and as an active competitor in Bodybuilding for over 10 years, she has an outstanding balance of strength instruction for clients of all athletic levels and backgrounds.

Paul’s passion for weightlifting moved him out of the trades industry and into the service industry as a certified personal trainer CPT. His lifelong dream of running a gym started to take shape as the partners collaborated and began the unique development of a business model encompassing a whole physical health system. Paul's extensive knowledge and experience in weight training for over 25 years, commercial/occupational safety leadership in trades for over 25 years, and as an active competitor in Bodybuilding for over 6 years, plus over 20 years hockey and 10 years Rugby, he has an intuitive connection with elite strength and sports conditioning development.


Fitness Education and Instruction + Weight Training + Coaching + Injury Prevention and Rehab + Weightlifting Accessories and Attire + Supplements = Westside Iron Training & Therapy! 

Heavy Weights


To enhance our members lives by providing a professionally equipped gym for strength and cardiovascular training, on site rehabilitation services by staff who hold the highest degrees and/or certifications in their profession, and provide products that complement an athletic lifestyle. 

Intense Training


To be THE destination in Winnipeg for people to train and rehabilitate in a facility that practices and promotes the values of health and fitness. Nourishing an iron will as a foundation for progress is the lifechanging stronghold for those who seek to make changes, pursue greatness, heal and repair, or overcome life challenges! 

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