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What is Parlay Betting? Calculation Methods and Tips for Successful Bets

If you are an avid football fan or a frequent bettor, you are probably familiar with the term "parlay betting." However, simply knowing the term is not enough. To make informed decisions and increase your accuracy in parlay betting, you need to understand it thoroughly. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on parlay betting, including its definition, advantages, disadvantages, calculation methods, and some useful tips.

What is Football Betting?

Football betting is a form of wagering between two or more people on the outcome of football matches in various formats. This type of betting is quite complex and does not have a definitive method for comparison or assessment. Therefore, to engage in this game effectively, players need to have sufficient knowledge about football betting. Without a solid understanding and background knowledge, it becomes very challenging to make accurate decisions.

Nowadays, not only in developed countries around the world but also in Vietnam, there are many bookmakers offering different football betting services. Renowned bookmakers like the reputable Fun88 are well-known examples. The diversity in betting formats requires players to thoroughly understand them to secure victories. Although betting is not easy, it has numerous intriguing aspects that attract many participants. Understanding what football betting is can significantly enhance your chances of winning. When participating in a bet on any match, you must thoroughly research the team, including their strength, lineup, the stadium they are playing at, and weather conditions that might favor one team over the other.

What is Parlay Betting?

To know how to place parlay bets, you first need to understand what parlay betting is. Parlay betting, also known as accumulator betting, combo bets, or multiple bets (referred to as Mix Parlay, Coupons, Multiple Bets in English), involves combining several individual bets into one single bet. These bets can include various types such as Asian handicap, European odds, over/under, corner bets, etc. The payout for parlay bets is calculated on a multiplier basis, depending on the number of individual bets placed.

Due to its diversity and complexity, newcomers to football betting might find parlay betting confusing. Essentially, a parlay bet is a series of individual bets grouped into one bet slip, with a minimum of two selections. Unlike placing single bets individually, a parlay bet combines multiple selections into one ticket. You win the bet only if all predictions are correct.

The individual selections in a parlay bet are called "legs" or "folds." A parlay with two legs is called a Double, three legs a Treble, four legs a Quad (or 4 Folds), five legs a 5 Folds, and so on.

Pros and Cons of Parlay Betting

Parlay betting consists of a series of single bets, making the odds of winning relatively low. However, the potential payout is the highest among all types of bets available today. With just one parlay bet, you can win a substantial amount that could significantly boost your financial standing. For example, a player who bets only 30,000 VND on a parlay could end up with 90 million VND if successful.

The more single bets included in the parlay, the higher the potential winnings. Due to its complexity, parlay betting is more suitable for seasoned bettors with ample experience rather than beginners. Here are the specific pros and cons to help you decide whether to engage in parlay betting:


Requires a small initial stake but can result in large payouts, multiplying your bet several times over depending on the number of single bets included in the parlay.

High potential returns from a relatively small bet.


High risk, as losing just one bet means losing the entire parlay.

You need to win all individual bets to claim the winnings.

Despite the risks, experienced and confident bettors can still achieve substantial profits from parlay betting through decisive and calculated risks.

How to Calculate Parlay Bets?

Here’s how to calculate parlay bets for three popular types: European odds, Asian handicap, and over/under bets. European odds have the simplest calculation method among the three.

Calculating European Odds Parlay Bets: For European odds, the calculation is straightforward:

\textParlay Odds = \textOdds of Bet 1 \times \textOdds of Bet 2 \times \ldots \times \textOdds of Bet nParlay Odds=Odds of Bet 1×Odds of Bet 2×…×Odds of Bet n

By understanding the capabilities and strategies of each team, you can easily place and win parlay bets with European odds.

Important Considerations for Parlay Betting

To increase your chances of winning, consider these key points before placing parlay bets:

Do not include bets from the same match in a single parlay.

Avoid overly long parlays due to higher chances of losing. The most effective strategy is to place parlays with 2-4 legs.

Choose a reputable and high-quality bookmaker to ensure a safe betting experience.

Research thoroughly about the teams involved in the matches you bet on to increase your chances of winning.

Familiarize yourself with basic knowledge and parlay betting strategies to increase your chances of success. If the odds seem too high, bet smaller amounts to minimize potential losses.

Each bettor can have up to three bet slips, so besides the main parlay bet, you can opt for additional parlays with different combinations of the previously selected bets. For example, with three selections (A, B, C), you can create additional parlays such as AB, AC, and BC.

Parlay betting is not exclusive to football; it can also be applied to other sports to diversify your bookmaker toolbetting experience.


Hopefully, the information provided helps you understand what parlay betting is and how to calculate parlay bets accurately. Besides learning about parlay odds, you can also explore other football-related information in our football news section to enhance your betting strategies.


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